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Payday loans are quick and convenient answers to money crisis of the short term nature. Lenders for these loans provide borrowers with a particular amount of money which is then deducted from the borrower’s bank account when he/she gets the next pay check. To begin with, if you have no other option but to go for a payday loan, make sure you do so from a reliable lender. Lenders are going to try to lure you with offers that seem too good to be true. However, considering the high interest rates and risks associated to these loans, it is a wiser decision to measure your choices well.

Here are a few other tips you just can’t afford to miss if you are looking for a payday loan in the UK:

- Before you decide to go for a payday loan, make sure you try for a loan at a credit union or a local bank. Though this process may take a bit longer, the interest amounts paid on these loans is much lesser when compared to quick loans. However, this only applies if you are not in immediate need of the money due to an emergency.

- Though credit scores are not needed for many lenders, if you have a poor credit score, you may still be in trouble. A poor credit score reflects poor spending habits and any lender would be reluctant to provide these loans if you give that impression.

- Though getting a payday loan is pretty easy, there are still a lot of risks involved. In fact, a mishandled payday loan can worsen your problems to irreparable extents. Many people facing this problem have found themselves in debt not for days, not for months but for years together.

- The online availability of these loans gives the impression is that you do not need to provide any documentation or proof to procure these loans. However, no lender is going to make the mistake of giving out loans if the required amount of proof doesn't exist. Proof of being 18 years or older, UK citizenship proof, employment proof and a bank account are all required in order to apply for a payday loan.

- If you have emergency repair, utility or medical bills, a car accident or any such sudden emergency situation, taking a payday loan makes complete sense if you have no other options. On the other hand, lenders may offer you a chance to borrow more money than what you need at the given moment. Politely decline the offer because the high interest rate story is a commonly told one. You do not want to be paying these heavy interests on larger amounts that you don’t need.

- It often happens that borrowers do not have funds for repayment when the loan period is drawing to a close. Keeping mum and avoiding the lender is not the best idea at this time. Instead, it makes sense to ask for an extension on the loan. That said, extended payday loans should be paid back as soon as possible in order to avoid paying through the nose. 

Payday loans are short term loans that usually for a term a few weeks to a month. The borrower must return the money at the time of the next payday. Again, a borrower in UK also needs to show proof of identity, citizenship, bank account etc. in order to procure a loan. These loans are not meant for regular requirements though. They are usually best as last resorts when you have no other source for funds and you need them urgently. That said, these loans are well structured and not sinister schemes out there to get you.

A payday loan doesn't always create a debt cycle

Payday loans are infamous for creating the dreaded cycle of debt. In fact, a lot of people who have taken these loans have landed up in this much feared cycle. However, the reason for this is impractical expectations from these loans. A payday loan is not meant to function like a long term loan or a credit card. It is a short term loan that must be repaid the moment you get your next pay check. If you feel this isn't going to be possible, it is better not to take a payday loan at all. Instead, many victims of debt do not think about repayment in their desperate condition and land up with roll over debts. This can be avoided if you device a concrete plan to payback to loan without a delay.

The high rate of interest levied on these loans is not criminal

There is no doubt about the fact that the rates of interest on these loans are much higher than regular loans. In fact, the interest is approximately three to four times more than regular loans. However, a payday loan is a short term loan and surely includes more risks than regular loans. While regular loans are given for a year or even several years against security, payday loans are given for a few weeks and there is no need to produce anything as security. This is yet another reason why it makes total sense for these rates of interest to be this high.

If you can manage to find a reputed lending company for a payday loan, you can be rest assured that they are not out there to take advantage of individuals in dire emergencies. These loans are popular for families that live from pay check to pay check and have no funds for emergencies or sudden expenses. The interest rates can still be handled if borrowers learn to mold their spending around the debts.

Payday loan lenders are not predatory

Just like picking up a product from the consumer market, finding the right lending company or individual lender is a must. It is up to you as a customer to do the right kind of research and find a reliable lender. On the other hand, even the best lending company with the friendliest interest rates cannot help borrowers with indiscriminate spending habits. Smart spending is indeed the best way to make payday loans work for you.